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          Social Recruitment

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          Regional Manager
          Education: College
          Work Experience: more than two years
          Gender: Male
          Work Location: Jiaxing, Zhejiang
          Vacancies: 1
          The talent category: ordinary talent
          Job Category: Sales Representative
          Job Salary: 2800 yuan + commission / bonus
          Job Type: Full Time
          Additional treatment: commission + social security

          Job Description:

          1, the development of the region's annual sales plan, develop individual annual sales plan;
          2, the implementation of the sales plan, the completion of the company's sales task;
          3, market analysis and development, collection of potential customers, customer data collation, classification, archiving and keeping strange customers visit;
          4, to provide customers with professional advice, and to quote confirmation process with customers, the production of negative sales area contract, signing of sales and receivables, customer satisfaction surveys and feedback in a timely manner, establish and maintain good customer relations;
          Responsible sales area processing notices production, good inter-departmental transfers and acknowledge and data input, maintenance, summary;
          6, is responsible for the sale of regional sales data statistics, do a good job at the end of the reconciliation.
          7, the shelf sales experience is preferred!

          Job requirements:
          1, cheerful and full of passion, the courage to challenge themselves, challenge the paid;
          2, have a good resiliency and sense of team.