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        1. Corporate announcements

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          International Photography Competition organized by the fine cup

          Date:2013-04-17 13:04:20Source:Views:2249

          Each workshop, functional departments:
          Picture freeze in fine spirit of order to further strengthen the corporate culture to enrich the cultural life of the employees, the company decided to hold the first in fine cup photography collection contest. Related matters are hereby notified as follows:
          A target of the competition
          Companies of all employees (including all branches and offices in Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Qingdao, Ningbo, Taiyuan).

          Second, the schedule of activities
          Call for entries:September 8 to December 16, 2013
          Awards for:December 19 to December 30, 2013
          Works show:January 2014

          Third, the entry requirements
          (1) entries required to have a strong visual impact, originality, artistic, contemporary and modern beauty; works on the technique of expression is not limited subject matter can be diversified, landscape photography, people photography, still life photography, feature photographyetc. can be any positive real, healthy and meaningful photographs can participate in the competition.
          (2) Participants are required to indicate the department, name, contact information, title of the work and the works elaborated to ensure that basic information is true and correct. Participants must keep their own works of the original file, and paid work is no longer refundable. Contestants Keep the works of the file name or folder name labeled: Department + Name + their themes
          (3) Each participant entries up to a maximum of three (group), group, according to a group of not more than six, the works of each piece (s) you want to play a good topic. Declined Duplicate or specially treated works.
          (4) Participants must be absolute owner of the copyright in the work, the work involved in issues such as image rights, the responsibility of the authors.
          (5) The Company is responsible for the entry of the themes and content validation, exhibition and display the final decision.
          (6) The activities of the final interpretation of Precision Industries, Inc. General Manager's Office.

          Fourth, work requirements
          (1) entry requirements for the black and white and color digital video works. Works accuracy is not less than 500 million pixels, JPG image format sent to the competition mailbox.
          (2) Participants can only do work cut, and white balance, brightness, contrast, color saturation moderate adjustment can not be done to change the shooting original synthesis, add special effects and other special technical processing.

          (1) All work please send sent tocncn@cncn56.comMailbox
          (2) Entry Contact:
          Office Du Tel 87529572-2822
          Office Lan-ping Tel 87529572-2827

          VI selection reward
          The competition set up the appraisal team, focus on the selection. Entries will be selected two first prize, three second prize, third prize number 4 and the Award of Excellence, to give the corresponding reward.
          The award-winning photographs will focus on displaying in essence the road "cultural wall.

          In precision industrial General Manager's Office Propaganda Department
          January 5, 2013