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          The Zhongjing Industry participation in the top ten shelf industry brand selection

          Date:2013-04-17 13:06:18Source:Views:2286

          China shelves industry even shelf needs a late start, with the reform and opening up and integration of the world economy, the foreign-funded enterprises have the influx, brought advanced management techniques and management philosophy, promote the development of domestic warehousing and logistics industry, the correspondingthe expansion of the supply and demand market shelves. At present, the shelf development of the industry, though not the stage of rapid development, but has been gradually standardized, standardization, modernization.

          China's current shelf industry there are many problems to be solved to enhance the industry technology single kind of monotonous, the level of awareness of domestic shelf industry is not high, the relative concentration of industry area, in the face of the full liberalization of the market, corporate logistics and warehousingdepth understanding of an issue that will be solved. For the development of warehouse and store displays, also play a role in promoting.

          Modern logistics warehouse shelves with highly integrated functions, the market demand growth rate increased steadily, and the industry is relatively concentrated in machinery, automobile, electronics and other industries. Therefore, the the shelf production companies quickly rise, technology development, automation enhance the brand increasingly fierce competitive environment.

          The current selection of activities to enhance the promotion strategy, the initial active participation of enterprises in the industry, has also hired the authority of experts discuss the problems in the development of the industry, the whole competitive atmosphere to enhance the technical level of the industry as a whole to accelerate the industry backward and technologyupgrading and restructuring, stimulate the vitality of the green industry innovation and development, leading organizations to consolidate the vanguard of the industry mainstream brands in the level of new development, expanding the field of view of the development of enterprises.